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TEXAS WITNESS has a back cover blurb

I’m thrilled to share the news that TEXAS WITNESS, book 5 in the Cattlemen Crime Club series releasing in mass market on August 22nd, now has a back cover blurb. Check it out:

Six foot two of raw masculinity is her best witness protection

Face-to-face with the woman who jilted him, Colin O’Brien tells himself he’s over her. What the charming rancher doesn’t know is that the man Melissa Roark Rancic married has forced her—and her infant daughter—to live a charade of love. And now, about to testify to his criminal deeds, she’s shaken by rekindled feelings for Colin and scared that he’ll discover her child is his.

Though angry, Colin vows to protect Melissa from her vengeful ex…while safeguarding his own heart. But once he steps up, he can’t step away. No danger can keep Colin from the woman he never stopped loving.

Cover coming soon!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

While most people celebrate the day by drinking green beer and worrying about getting pinched for not wearing said color, St. Patrick’s Day holds a different meaning for me. It’s the day I became a mother.

Happy Birthday, Brandon!   


This picture is from his senior year of high school on a trip to Cancun (he’s on the left). Being his mother has always been an adventure! He’s spirited, intelligent and interesting to talk to. I worked it out with his doctor years ago that all his good qualities come from me and the others…well, those are from Dad. LOL.  

In a couple of months, he’ll graduate with a PhD in Physics. There’s a job lined up, too. I couldn’t be prouder of him.

So, while everyone else toasts with green ale today we’ll have a quieter celebration. One that marks our firstborn’s entry into the world. 

Wishing you all of the many wonderful things that an Irish blessing will bring. Happiness, joy, love, and laughter, may your day be content and may you smile happily ever after! –Anonymous

Now it’s your turn. What does St. Patrick’s Day mean to you?

Cattlemen Crime Club Book 6 Has a Title!

The Cattlemen Crime Club Book 6 has a new name. TEXAS SHOWDOWN releases in the fall of this year.



May I be among the first to wish you many blessings in 2017! Since I’m Scottish on my mother’s side (and have the red hair to prove it—LOL!), I’d like to offer the following toast:

May the hill rise behind you,
And may the mountain be always over the crest;
And may the God that you believe in
Hold you in the palm of his hand.

With a whole new year in front of us, I always take time to think about what I’d like to accomplish. As such, I enjoy making a few Resolutions.

For 2017, a few of mine are:
– See an off-Broadway play
– Take better care of my hair (it used to be so thick!)
– Find a really great hairstyle that works with my hair (it’s going to be the year of my hair—LOL)
– Notice something every day that brings me joy and take time to think about it every morning to set the tone for the day

I always think of a guiding word for the year. For the next twelve months, I’ll work toward enjoyment of all the wonderful things in my life (and there are many!). I love how the word joy is sandwiched in the middle of those letters. It reminds me that joy is everywhere if we look for it.
May your 2017 be joyful and blessed!

Now it’s your turn. Tell me if you make Resolutions and share one if you’d like. Have you ever used a word to guide your thoughts for the year? If so, I’d love to know yours.

ONE TOUGH TEXAN Now Available in U.S. Bookstores

ONE TOUGH TEXAN, book three in the Cattlemen Crime Club miniseries, is now available where all Harlequin print books are sold in the United States.

Small-town Texas with high-stakes risks

Alice Green lives with ghosts. A rogue cop whose mistake led to the loss of a young girl’s parents, Alice is haunted by the decisions that halted her sterling career. And now the same girl who lost her parents has been abducted. And Alice will stop at nothing to find her.

Joshua O’Brien doesn’t want to tell his brothers—fellow inheritors of his deceased parents’ ranch—that he has bigger plans. Applying to work for the FBI brings the possibility of an exciting and illustrious career. But when he meets Alice, whose beauty is only surpassed by her brain, it doesn’t take long for things to heat up. And while helping her crack a case might save a life…it could also cost him his own.

Cattlemen Crime Club

Cattlemen Crime Club Book 5 Has a Title

Book 5 in Barb’s popular Cattlemen Crime Club miniseries now has a title. TEXAS WITNESS is scheduled for release September, 2017. Stay tuned for more details as they become available!

Time Out Thursday – Looking Back at 2016

The end of 2016 is only weeks away. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on this year. I guess it’s that time—time to look back, enjoy memories and evaluate. Soon, we’ll ring in a New Year—2017—and try not to write 2016 as the date. LOL

I’ll make a list of Resolutions (do you make them, too?) and decide which ones I’ll tackle. I’ve found over the years a resolution that makes the list every year but I don’t make time for has to be examined closely. If it doesn’t end up being that important to me, it gets tossed off the list forever. If it is, I resolve even more to accomplish it. Having a book published made my list five consecutive years before I made the time to sit down and write my first. Learning to surf, on the other hand, has been crossed off the list forever. It’s just not that important to me and it’s time to let the ‘this might be fun’ idea go.

But before I do that, it’s time to check the rearview…

There were trips:

barbA quick visit to Austin to celebrate my oldest son’s birthday in March.


The next trip was June when my daughter accompanied me on a work trip to New York (one of my favorite places in the world!) to spend a day with the Book Obsessed Chicks at their annual Beach Bash.


barb-3Followed by another trip to New York, this time with middle son for a weekend in the fall. He attended a Gaming event while I met with bloggers (pictured to the left with Jennifer Butler).


We added to the family:

barb-4At the beginning of summer, we took on a rescue puppy. He’s nine-months-old now (pictured on the right) and comes in at around sixty-pounds. Best of all, he’s settling into his personality and (more importantly) we survived the puppy stage!

On the career front, this has been one of my best years yet. I wrote seven books and played around with two additional story ideas, which I’m cultivating now. I had four releases. the Mason Ridge series ended and the Cattlemen Crime Club series kicked off in summer. The third book in that series hits stores Christmas week. ONE TOUGH TEXAN is almost here!

I had the honor of spending very special time with readers at The Annual Buns & Roses Romance Tea for Literacy in October. We set a record, raising more than $20,000 for literacy in a single weekend!  


Not everything was as joyous. We lost two cherished friends in almost back-to-back car crashes early on. Both are still deeply missed and they are never far from our thoughts.

My oldest spent the summer in Europe, trying to secure a postdoc position (fingers crossed one of those leads pans out for him) and he’s been so busy that I’ve hardly seen him this year. I hope we have more time together in 2017. And if he ends up working overseas after May’s graduation, well, my Passport is up-to-date. 🙂

With another year almost in the books, it’s almost time to put the past behind and make plans for a new year. I hope the rest of 2016 is filled with good food, even better wine and the best of times!

Now, it’s your turn. Tell me about significant events in your life this year.     


Buns & Roses — Best So Far!

Last month, I had the tremendous honor of participating in the 11th Annual Buns & Roses Romance Tea for Literacy in Richardson, Texas and am thrilled to report that we raised more than $20,000! All the funds go to the Richardson Adult Literacy Center to support adult literacy. To learn more, visit

Thank you so much for coming out to support literacy in such a big way.

Thoughts on Tuesday, Giving Back and Paying It Forward

Recently, I had the honor of being part of an event that raises money for adult literacy. The tally is still being calculated from 2016 Buns & Roses Romance Tea for Literacy so I’m not sure how much money we raised yet but one thing is certain; I always gain so much more than I give. The benefits from the afternoon tea go directly to a local library’s adult literacy program (you already know how much I love librarians!). They contribute so much to the community without a lot of money to work with. The tea is their biggest fundraiser.

And people came…

We had an amazing lineup of romance authors from around the country who donated the best gift—their time—for a good cause. And have tea. Which isn’t to say the afternoon was all pretty hats (although there were lots) and sitting with our backs straight on the edges of our chairs listening to literacy statistics.


My table was conveniently located next to the bar. 🙂

I enjoyed meeting so many readers and getting to spend the afternoon together talking books. We shared a lot of stories, laughs and toasts (all while supporting literacy).

There’s a quilt…

Every year, one of the volunteers makes a quilt to be raffled off. I think Wanda outdid herself this year, don’t you?


And then there are bears…

Teddy bears.

A volunteer painstakingly makes each outfit by hand. This year’s teddy was a surfer:


As you can imagine, these guys sell out pretty quickly. A grandmother at my table snatched one up for her granddaughter.

There are baskets to bid on (this picture was taken moments before the doors opened):


And there’s a chance to meet and talk to each author at a signing (located along the back wall). I met so many fantastic readers!

In America, Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away. We pause our hyper-busy lives for just a moment and take time to appreciate each other (and, you know, fight over sports team picks while we munch on turkey legs—LOL) and the many blessings in our lives.

Maybe that’s why I’m even more aware of the gift I’ve been given in being part of the romance community. Romance readers are the most intelligent and interesting people. And I’ve met so many wonderful and giving authors who I’m fortunate to call my friends.


It’s your turn. Tell me about a favorite event in your area or one of the ways in which you give back to your community.


The cover for TEXAS-SIZED TROUBLE, my February release from Harlequin Intrigue, and book four in the Cattlemen Crime Club miniseries is here.

A Texas reunion turns old rivals into soon-to-be parents

For as long as the O’Briens have run their ranch, their rivals have been the McCabes. So when Ryder O’Brien returns home to his brothers, only one thing can screw things up: getting involved with Faith McCabe. There’s no temptation greater in Texas, and Ryder is about to pay the price for their forbidden fling.

Because just as their passion ignites, Faith up and leaves…only to return five months later, seeking Ryder’s help finding her missing brother—and pregnant with Ryder’s baby. Ryder O’Brien may have held grudges longer than he ought to, but he always does right by his kin. Especially when the woman about to change his life is in danger.

Cattlemen Crime Club

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