Welcome to the third book in the Orchard Agency series by USA TODAY, Publisher’s Weekly and Amazon Bestselling Author Barb Han. 

He’s wanted by a dangerous enemy

She just became a target

Gabriel needs to see for himself that one of his brother in arms is okay. Resurfacing is a mistake, but Gabriel risks his own safety for confirmation and maybe a little hope that there’s life after Blackwater-type agency work. 

Kinsley Greer wrote an academic book that unwittingly fingers a dangerous group and puts her in the sights of a deadly man. Gabriel is within earshot when an emergency call for aid comes into the Orchard Agency, and receives a blast from his painful past. Kinsley Greer is more than the one who got away. They weren’t more than kids when her world shattered and she broke his heart. Knowing she’s the target of his sworn enemy does more than rile Gabriel. He’s determined to save her even though stepping out of the shadows brings him into the light. 

Note: All books in the Orchard Agency Novels series are standalone reads. Although, it’s best to read JADEN first the others can be read in any order. There are no cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed.