Posted at Jan 1, 2017 5:10 pm


May I be among the first to wish you many blessings in 2017! Since I’m Scottish on my mother’s side (and have the red hair to prove it—LOL!), I’d like to offer the following toast:

May the hill rise behind you,
And may the mountain be always over the crest;
And may the God that you believe in
Hold you in the palm of his hand.

With a whole new year in front of us, I always take time to think about what I’d like to accomplish. As such, I enjoy making a few Resolutions.

For 2017, a few of mine are:
– See an off-Broadway play
– Take better care of my hair (it used to be so thick!)
– Find a really great hairstyle that works with my hair (it’s going to be the year of my hair—LOL)
– Notice something every day that brings me joy and take time to think about it every morning to set the tone for the day

I always think of a guiding word for the year. For the next twelve months, I’ll work toward enjoyment of all the wonderful things in my life (and there are many!). I love how the word joy is sandwiched in the middle of those letters. It reminds me that joy is everywhere if we look for it.
May your 2017 be joyful and blessed!

Now it’s your turn. Tell me if you make Resolutions and share one if you’d like. Have you ever used a word to guide your thoughts for the year? If so, I’d love to know yours.