Rancher Rescue

When a little boy goes missing, rancher Caleb Snow steps in to help…and winds up falling for the child’s beautiful—but mysterious—aunt in Barb Han’s Rancher Rescue 

Getting tangled up with another woman in crisis is the last thing rancher Caleb Snow needs. The handsome cowboy has been badly burned too many times. But this one feels different—Katherine Harper is injured and reeling after an ambush in which her nephew was kidnapped. Caleb wants nothing more than to protect the beautiful, headstrong woman and help her find the missing child. If only he could ignore the feelings she stirs in him. 

But as they search together, it’s clear someone wants Katherine dead. Soon the two are running for their lives, dodging bullets, not knowing who to trust…or if they’ll survive long enough to bring a little boy home.

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“The action sequences are intense and real.  Trust me, when the bullets start flying, I was actually ducking on the couch.” -Harlie’s Books

“Barb delivers a carefully constructed world that will leave you breathless as you turn every page, hoping to discover what happens next to her and those she loves.” -N. Medina

“Talk about the characters having depth, substance and a connection… this book WOWed me with all aspects. The twists and story line had me riveted from the first page.” -Romance Marketplace