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Nothing is as it seems...

After a polarized nation was broken by the threat of civil war, States have now become countries. And in New Maine, things have gotten worse.

Giving my family a better life is everything. And my selection to attend an elite prep school suddenly offers my family a dramatically different life—food on the table, a roof over their heads, and a fighting chance at a future.

Everything is going great until some of my friends begin ghosting me, and then disappear. Soon it becomes clear this “chance of a lifetime” isn’t the Holy Grail I was promised. And the attention from one of Easton’s elite has me questioning why a boy with a golden future wants to risk it by being seen with me.

But when I find out why I’m really at this school, I may have to trust him if I want to live.

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“A thrilling debut YA novel from a talented USA Today bestselling author. It’s 2040, and this may seem like an ordinary high school at first, but hold onto your AllinOne, Han thrusts the reader into a chilling new world where nothing is as it seems and survival depends on sheer daring and true friendships.”

—Kathleen Baldwin, bestselling author of A School for Unusual Girls

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