Tuesday Talk Time…The Big Move

Posted at Aug 22, 2017 8:00 am

This summer, we took on a big project—a move. We’d been tossing around the idea for a while but ideas for what our next house would look like fell flat. We attended Open Houses in search of inspiration but left deflated instead of inspired. Our current house with two stories and a room for just about everything we could imagine (a yoga room, a movie room, etc.) seemed…empty. After a little soul searching, we figured out why.

The kids were growing up and busy with their schedules (translation: never home). John and I felt like there was an enormous amount of space in between us—he in the movie room upstairs and me in my office on the opposite side of the house. The dogs happily trotted in between but their paw prints echoed in the empty space.

With kids spread out in age we’d gotten used to a full house almost all the time. Kids. Friends. Activities. There was rarely a dull moment and we loved it.

But things change.

Rattling around in the house served as a constant reminder that our kids were growing up and soon to leave. We already felt like empty nesters.

And then something clicked.

We should be celebrating not sad.

We decided to do just that—celebrate. And that meant making changes in order to live life more on our terms. We sat down and discussed what our ideal life would look like if it was (at least mostly) centered around us.

For me, a saltwater pool would be nice and much less time spent in the car. I also wanted a place with easy upkeep since we have two large dogs. Our last home had incredible wood floors but I cringed with every scrape. An easy-to-care-for but beautiful space for a small garden also topped my list.

For John, an easier commute to work was a priority. He thought it would be nice to try living in a one-story for a change. He, too, wanted a nice outdoor space but a pool was optional for him. Another requirement was a comfortable place to watch and enjoy his football games in the fall/winter months. 

Once we nailed our wish list and decided to go for it we put our house on the market. It sold in a matter of days (over asking price). Score! But we were also buying in the same city, same market. We found a house with everything on our wish list, fell in love and made a bid. That night, we found out there were multiple offers. We revised our bid and hoped for the best. When our realtor called to say we got the house we were filled with exhilaration and relief. Double score!

And then we had to switch gears into move-mode.

With the school year ending and the dance year ending—oh and did I mention that our middle son was graduating from high school at the same time?—plus a 10-day trip to New York on the schedule, to say life was hectic is an understatement. I had exactly seven days to pack, move and get settled in a new place.

We used a terrific moving company. The crew was amazing! And the whole family pulled together to make it happen. The oldest was in the process of moving into his first real apartment, so he was able to use furniture/decorations/dishes we had no room for in the new house.

Life clicked and everything fell into place for a smooth (albeit exhausting) transition.

After unpacking what felt like endless boxes, I had to dig deep in order to pack a suitcase for New York City almost immediately after the move. But New York is my city.

And after months (and months) of living in flux, I had a new place to call home.

Can you relate? How does change affect you? Did you make big changes when your kids grew up?