Witness Protection

How far will U.S. Marshal Nick Campbell go to protect his innocent witness?

US marshal Nick Campbell’s life is a lie. But when a devastating explosion nearly kills Sadie Brooks, the one woman who can put away a murderer, only the truth will keep her alive. Revealing his secrets connects Nick to Sadie in ways he never expected…and unleashes an attraction he can’t ignore.
Minute by minute, they race closer to justice but sink deeper into the crosshairs of a deadly criminal ring. To protect his witness, Nick has to gain her trust. But once he tastes the temptation of Sadie, he’s torn between breaking every boundary for a life with her…or breaking her heart and letting her go.

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“Grab your copy of Witness Protection and get ready for one bumpy ride!” – Kimberly, Book Obsessed Chicks

“Witness Protection starts off with a literal bang and doesn’t let up as the on-the-run action sequences keep the story’s momentum going.” – Susannah, RT Book Reviews