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A serial killer comes calling…

After the devastating loss of his best friend in Kandahar, Kace Fox returns to his small Texas hometown, sells off his belongings and prepares to move as far away from anything and everything familiar as he can…Alaska. Hours before his flight, he learns the woman he had a fling with a few months ago—and can’t get out of his thoughts—is missing.

The small town of Blushing has a dark and dangerous secret. One that tried to kill Bree Burke and will come for her again. Kace puts his out-of-state move temporarily on hold to ensure Bree’s safety while law enforcement searches for the killer dubbed, Gingerbread Man.

When Kace learns the baby Bree is carrying very much belongs to him, he’ll put everything on the line to save mother and child.

Amazon Exclusive

Kace (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha)

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