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A New Look for an Old Piece

This dresser has been in the family for a couple of decades. We inherited it years ago and it's been tucked in a closet and used for storage ever since. We wanted to bring it out and back to life. I'd been sitting on this project for a few months waiting for a break in weather. Last week, we finally got a string of sunny days and temps in the 60s (Yay!). I used spray paint, which was new for me. I was a little nervous at first. But I got the hang of it pretty fast. I painted the drawers first and they were the hardest (all that trim work!). I used a spray paint with primer and still had to do multiple coats. The dresser itself was the easy part. It took the least amount of time to prep (clean, sand, wipe down with wet cloth), and only three coats of paint. The new knobs were ordered online (quick, easy, and not too expensive) and I love how they soften the look.

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